OTECH Pvt. Ltd. is established under the motto of “total technical solution” in a professional manner. Situated in the capital of the nation Kathmandu. The company has a team of highly enthusiastic young as well as experienced professional engineers, management experts and professionals with specialized expertise.
Our team has focused energies and expertise in reliable and specialized functions, which give us true international perspective. We desire to meet rigorous standards of professional and operational competence. We provide minute information on worldwide business practices and deliver standard services and products as per the need. We trust in continuous strategic and technical alliances for better solutions.

We act with integrity, responsiveness and seek mutual trust. We build confidence on social compatibility and long-term relationship with our clients.

“The quality of our services is our hallmark”

We are fully equipped with essential tools that aid planning and management. The firm has always kept pace with the latest trends in modern professional practices. Our personnel are excellent with their academic background, high level of professional skills and effective communication are vitally pro-active in fulfilling the client’s objectives.

OTECH comprises of professionals & consultants whose aim is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of its clients, people & community.

Our core values are to achieve our strategic goals, which are defined through

 Integrity

 Creativity

 Leadership

 Teamwork

 Responsiveness

 Continuous Improvement

Nepal is a land-locked country situated between two economic giants like china and India. The sovereign country Nepal has an enormous potential in emerging technologies and latest professionalism. So contribution in this field by an individual or by an organization will always be a valued one.

OTECH is working with a vision of creating an arena for professionals & experts whose talents are not justified and are seeking an opportunity to explore in the area of their interests for a better world tomorrow.